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Long before I began to love photography, I love doing artwork made using pastels and my finger to do abstract painting such as Reog & Topeng, then afterward I was introduced to photography.

In such short period I feel that photography can actualized myself. Sadly that at that time photography degree was only available in overseas. Therefore after graduated from high school I choose economic in Trisakti University and working part time in design graphic company. I bought my first camera Nikon fx 90 from my income and some money given by my brother. Thanks bro, and the camera still work properly up to now.

Again my first job in photography was pre wedding photo shot for my brother which I also sent to tiara photography competition. Once again, another grateful moment, I won the competition and became the most favorite in 1998.

Winning a competition give me more confidence to come into commercial photography, such as doing company profile, magazine, product etc (see my portfolio) since 1999.

Photography become my passion and not only commercial photography but also food photography as I can become food stylish before taking the photo.

I love to take photograph using different angle than common people, traveling around the world make me rich in having angle. The experience itself give me result as a winner of International Canon Photo Marathon 2010 (Indonesia India Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand) take place at central park Jakarta  and reward to Turkey trip with other winners (see : achievement)

Right now I am active to :
PHOTOGRAPH commercial and food photography at www.herrytjiang.com
TEACHING photography at www.jsp.co.id, http://www.acsjakarta.sch.id/, Universal school
WRITER and CONTRIBUTOR at Digital Camera magazine, Elex Gramedia, http://xpressair.co.id/
Our Client :

Food photgraphy 

Cut the crab, Sari Roti , Patisserie Francois, www.natacake.com (cake and cookies) ,Nata Cafe , Robata Jinya Gandaria city , KFC, Golden Truly, Ever fresh seafood  (cafe and resto) , www.mamaroz.com, babybar baby food, Huis van wely, jamu ibu Dewi  bogasari, (product shoot) , Yuraku shabu sabu, carivor, tekko , ikkudo , holy cow, Bandar Djakarta, Njunyan, Bakmi Gajah mada

www.avrist.com (insurance) , www.integrasi.com (IT company) ,  Mandala airlines (Airlines) , Kalbe Farma (healthy)
Honda motor (product), www.centrado.co.id (factory), Pharos , Belatif malang (Pharmacy), PT. Panverta (Industrial)
Erha clinic Bandung, Sahid sudirman, www.summerville-apartment.com, www.klubkelapagading.com (Interior and realestate) |

Hotel Aston Bangka, Hotel Vue Palace Bandung, Hotel Swiss bell Bandung, Hotel 88 Jakarta, Hotel Tune  (Hotel)

Bank Economic (Banking) , BCA , Hana Bank

www.cinta.co.id , www.digi.co.id, www.faberhost.com, www.code.id

Pemda Serang (Government)

Berhasil karena Iman –  Maqdalene kawotjo, Erry blind nagaswara, (Book and CD) ,kalbe farma

Aqua with drone, Avventura , Adira finance, Pulo Cinta with drone, Indomarco Drone, Wika property with drone, Kebagusan Terace Drone, MRT Jakarta with drone.


If you want to discuss about photo shot, workshop or seminar photography please don’t hesitate to call us or sent me your request at call

In corporate with www.jsp.co.id, www.apartment.co.id, www.camera.co.id, www.ispschool.co.id

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Herry Tjiang

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